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Jungart Atelier

  • "Dreamers of a Dream"
    "Dreamers of a Dream"
  • Jacek Ungierat-Jung
    Jacek Ungierat-Jung

His works combine a lot of forms of artistic expression.
The artist suggests us a journey without limits around his fantastic world,enchants us with his virtuosity full of personal symbols.
Jung has got limitless fantasy and wonderful skills to make it real.He possesses a great gift to make his fantasy true.
He is an artist who mastered his painting workshop up to perfection.
His feeling of light and shadow gives his pictures an enormous depth.Colours in his works are as surprising and enchanting an
absolute beauty.The artist uses traditional painting techniques and seeks for new ones experimenting with different means.
Jacek Ungierat-Jung is member of Association of Visual Artists and represents Atelier Jungart


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