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Information about the media

  • Medium "Maroger - Tytian"

    Medium "Maroger - Titian" is a mixture of drying oil and beeswax as a base, medium dries quite slowly, giving time painter to cover large areas and soft color transitions.

  • Medium "Maroger - Rubens"

    This formula creates a shiny and light coating, which is more transparent than shell created by the medium of Titian worked, however  does not dry out as quickly, so we have the opportunity to work almost all day. Re-painting the next layer, it will be possible, after about three days.

  • Black Oil

    Medium "Maroger - Black Oil"

    Medium "Maroger - Black Oil" is formulated in high temperature cold pressed, and 100% natural purified linseed oil. Is also used for mixing paint from the tube, gives them a creamy structure and the high quality and smoothness of work brush, dries quickly and keeps the paint in place in which it was placed.

  • Mastic Varnish

    Varnish, whose base is pistachio resin and turpentine.

  • Medium "Maroger - Flemish"

    Flemish Maroger medium is the most universal medium in my offer, kind of basic medium, suitable for many of the techniques of oil painting. This allows us to paint glaze and also Impasto.

  • Medium "Maroger-Italian"

    Medium "Maroger-Italian" is a medium composed to dry out over night and gave us a matt finish. It creates a little more than a coating covering with "Maroger-Flemish" medium and that's because the contents of beeswax.

  • Medium "Maroger - van Dyck"

    Medium "Maroger-Van Dyck" this is a formula-based on 100% natural walnut oil and pistachio resin - mastic.

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